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See what our patients have to say about us...

Dana B.

"I was so happy to have found a knowledgeable and friendly dental staff. We just moved to the area and my son has had a few bad experiences with his prior dentist. Dr. Espinosa sat down with us and took the time to get to know us. So refreshing. My son was so happy when we left and told me how much he liked Dr. Espinosa and her staff. Joe was also amazing and I truly appreciated their professionalism and even the fish tanks in the waiting room. Thank you for being amazing!!!"

Julie M.

"Dr. Patrice Espinosa has been our pediatric dentist for almost two years and we couldn't be happier!  My twins were 5 years old when we started seeing her and they had been a bit apprehensive when going to the dentist previously.  Dr. Espinosa and her staff made them feel so welcome and at ease and made the experience FUN for them!  She and her staff also do an incredible job of explaining each procedure to the kids to make it understandable to them and helps to further ease any anxiety they may have.  They actually love going to the dentist now.  So, I highly recommend Dr. Patrice Espinosa for your children's dental needs!"

Sara L.

"Patrice has a way of connecting with children to make them feel comfortable, before she begins the exam. My son (age 9) is very sensitive and has been challenging to take to the dentist. He used to scream and cry. What a difference it has been going to Patrice. Instead of having the kids veg out or trying to distract them with a movie, she talks to them in a way they can understand and helps alleviate fears. She engages them as a part of the process and motivates them to brush and floss without scare tactics. I wish I could go to her!!"

Scott K.

"If you are not taking your child here, please start.  Dr Espinosa is amazing.  She shows great patience with the children and shows a passion for doing her job well, for the benefit of the kids.  We have twin toddlers, one is quite afraid of doctors (in general) and one is not.  Of course the one that is not, has no problem going to them, but the one that is afraid of the doctor shows NO problem going to see Dr Espinosa.  She talks about her constantly at home and even talks about how she cannot wait to go back and see her.  If I could get Dr Espinosa to do vaccines, we would be set!!!  This does not stop with the doctor, though.  The staff behind the counter is thorough, knowledgeable, and kind.  They treat everyone well, follow up with patience and always ensure we know the time and date of our appointments prior to coming in.  GREAT PEOPLE!"

Heather D.

"We have had two great experiences with Dr. Espinosa and her office staff, Joe and Heather. I love that they are all present with my kids and explain everything so well. My kids are learning why it’s important to brush and areas where they need to focus more on brushing and flossing. The kids enjoy learning all about the fish from Joe and Dr. E as well. Our appointment was calm and clean. No rushing or feeling uncomfortable like we’ve had before in other offices. I like that we don’t have the option of watching tv so my kids are a part of what’s going on. I recommend this office for kids for sure. 💯. ❤️"

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COVID-19 Procedures

Our office is committed to your child's health.

We want you to know that we are committed to providing you child the best dental care in the safest environment possible. Here's just a few things we're doing to keep you safe:

Maximum of one family in the room at a time
Increased personal protective equipment
Staff and patients screened
Office disinfected between patients
Surgical grade air purification

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