Welcoming a New Baby!

Welcoming a New Baby!

It's always exciting when we learn that there is a new family member on the way!

As many our patients might have noticed, our main assistant, Heather, has been out of the office for the last few months as she has prepared to welcome the newest member of their quickly growing family!

Heather welcomed her new baby girl on Sunday, August 14th 2022, weighing in at 6lbs 3oz, and measuring a full 22 inches long.

Baby girl, Aubrey, has been a sound sleeper and easy-going baby since the day she was brought into this world. She adores her big brother, Wyatt, who is now 4 years old and been really stepping into his role as the big sibling in the family.

Whenever Heather is not directly with the baby, you can bet that Aubrey has her eyes locked on her Mama just watching everything she does. Wyatt is very excited to have gone back to school this year and is currently working really hard to learn how to ride his bike with his Mom and Dad on their nightly walks.

As many of our firefighter families know, the kids are always so excited when Daddy (Brian) gets to return home from his work at the Mill Valley station to spend time with the family, especially around the Holiday Season!

We are looking forward to having Heather return back to the office in the New Year to assist with the some of the more "administrative" tasks of the front desk, but in the meantime, we are wishing her and her family all of the best as they get to wind down the year and enjoy the Holiday Season together.

Make sure to wish Heather and her family a big congratulations the next time you see her!

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