What Is The Best Time For Orthodontic Treatment?

Parents often ask us when is the right time for their child to see an orthodontist. Learn about the right signs to look for and when is the best time to start.
What Is The Best Time For Orthodontic Treatment?A young girl with glasses and braces smiling and holding her hands up to show a heart

Developing malocclusions can be recognized as early as 2-5 years of age. Although treatment is not usually recommended at these ages, Dr. Espinosa can advise the parent on changing a patient's habits or behaviors to help naturally course correct the jaw development. Many times genetics may be the cause or habit changes are not possible, therefore Dr. Espinosa will prepare parents for early orthodontic treatment needs. 

Phase I Orthodontics – Early Treatment:

This period covers the ages of 6 to 12 years, with the eruption of the 8 permanent incisors (front) teeth and first permanent  (6-year) molars. Treatment concerns deal with severe crowding, crossbites, underbites, deep bites, and overjets. When indicated, this is an excellent stage to start treatment, as your child’s hard and soft tissues are usually very responsive to orthodontic or orthopedic forces prior to puberty.

Phase II  Orthodontics – Adolescent Dentition:

This stage deals with the permanent teeth and the development of the final teeth alignment and bite relationship.

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