My child's teeth are coming in crooked, what do we do?

Curious to know what you can do if your child's teeth are coming in crooked? Learn more about the signs to watch out for and what you can do to help. Read more!
My child's teeth are coming in crooked, what do we do?A young dental patient smiling with crooked teeth

In my experience permanent teeth rarely come in perfectly. Keep calm and let nature take its course! As a child’s front 8 teeth come in, they will continue to settle into the jaw with the help of your facial and oral muscles. Activity and pressure from the lips, checks, and tongue during rest, talking, and eating.  Habits that can affect the musculature from forming proper size and shaped jaws are prolonged pacifier use, prolonged bottle use, finger sucking, mouth breathing. 

*Overall Be patient and allow your child’s body to grow and settle, letting go of the need for perfection straight out the gates. 

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